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Loyalty, Confidentiality, and Integrity in Florida Real Estate

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Introducing Florida

Important to Know

  • Clients do not pay commission to the realtor - when they purchase a property.
  • Discretion is not only expected from us, but it is also our obligation!
  • In the United States, buying and purchasing properties are arranged by real estate agents most of the time (98%), not directly by the seller and the buyer.

The areas we serve and help our clients and what they can expect from us:

  • Process of buying condominiums, townhomes, family homes for own occupancy and/or short or long term rent – even managing the property
  • The purchase of commercial and industrial properties – even with the purpose of immigration
  • Experienced tax advisers and attorneys are available

Why do you need to be represented by a single agent?

Since buying and purchasing properties are arranged by real estate agents most of the time (98%) in America, the seller’s real estate agent only representing the seller, and thus fights for the best deal for the seller. Similarly, the buyers’ agent does the same for his or her client. If the buyer does not have a representative, then it is highly likely that he/she will purchase a property at a higher price and perhaps under less desirable circumstances.

If he/she is not represented, most likely is not aware of all the necessary information needed to compare properties. The seller’s agent will not offer other properties to the buyer, since that is not his/her task. He/she is only obligated to that one seller and that one property selling it for the highest price and under the best circumstances. The goal of the seller’s agent is to sell the property for the highest possible price.

In case of a purchase, the buyer’s agent will fight for the lowest price and best deal for the buyer. The agent will show many properties that the buyer will choose from regarding the required location, price and features.

What must to have for the fair negotiation are the background knowledge, comparing the price and the value using official sources and data base, knowledge of the area, experience, and the execution of the property purchase or sale fulfilling the sellers’ or buyers’ needs and wishes.

Our clients can count on us with our 30 years experience in the real estate field!

Expect a lot, and you will get even more!