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Loyalty, Confidentiality, and Integrity in Florida Real Estate

Recommended Projects

Introducing Florida

Incentives to Purchase Properties in Florida


Extending the portfolio

It is more difficult for investors to find those safe solutions that make their money be safe and grow in value. The investors select things into their portfolios based on individual consideration. Increasing the portfolio with a USA, Florida property has many advantages among others: safety, predictability, and producing steady income.


Safety, anonymity

Unfortunately, many investors suffer serious financial loss due to investing their money in less than safe and secured ways. Owning a Real Property is considered to be one of the safest investments besides physically owning gold, art, antique cars etc.

In the United States, the law protects both the buyer and the seller in the process of conducting a fair business. The “fee sample” ownership guarantees that the owner will be a sole owner with all rights. The owner can reside in the property, can rent it, sell it, give it to someone as a gift, can leave it in a will to be inherited. In Florida, people obtain property ownership right at the “closing”, securing the ownership. The property can be owned by an individual or by a company. To optimize the investment regarding taxation, please ask our detailed recommendation.


Leverage: Optimizing capital

Based on individual needs, obtaining mortgage can be an option. Leverage will help investors to purchase a property at a higher value and enjoy the benefit of the value increase.


Increased Property Value

The average annual property value increase is about 6%, but at the more popular locations can reach 8-12% according to the CNN report – which was published in Money Magazine also.

Florida continuously renewing, the population is growing, and the property value is increasing.

Property value in %





We had gained the experience that our company offers in the area of real estate investment through decades of work. We find the investment that is appropriate to your needs and wishes, being a luxurious vacation home, townhome, short or long term rental, or industry. By the reliable service we provide, you can filter out the risk factors that affects every investor. Investing is always about the safe, rational, transparent risk taking, instead of chasing the highest yield.

However, even though we handle the market-risk correctly, we must acknowledge, that managing the property is a foundation of success. That is the reason we analytically, carefully chose a reliable management company for/who care for a short or long term rental, capable to addressing all situations, and look after the property with the owner’s eyes.


Expect a lot, and get even more!