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Loyalty, Confidentiality, and Integrity in Florida Real Estate

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Introducing Florida

Our services

Representing our European clients and their best interests in Florida is our main concern. Our company was created to satisfy our clients’ requests in the best and most expeditious manner.

Using a real-time database with over 16,000 active entries, personal connections among businesses, developers, builders and marketing sources, Florida Investment Marketing has the tools and resources necessary to match each buyer with the perfect property. The listed properties span a wide range of sizes and prices from modest apartments selling in the mid $100,000’s to expensive luxury beachfront properties valued in the millions.

We provide customized services to each person who walks into our offices. We will match a client with a property based on specific needs, goals, and interests.

We ensure that our customers' investment in Florida is safe, secured, legal, and profitable.

We abide by US laws and regulations in Florida, as well as by local laws of each European country where our clients live.

We ensure that our clients receive the best mortgage services from selected US banks.

We provide investment consultation regarding the property, transaction terms, income calculation etc. Advice for an exit strategy for a most profitable resale.

Our continuous relationship with Florida builders and developers allows us tonegotiate better terms and prices for our customers.

By Florida Real Estate regulations, the buyers of property are not charged realtor commission. When buying with us, you are in the ideal situation - getting the best service and not paying for it. We help you find the best value for a good price, provide professional advice regarding the property, its location, income potential, price comparison, property condition, etc.

We expedite US transactions for our clients, among which there are: opening bank accounts, establishing corporations and LLCs, conducting inspections on behalf of the buyer, and monitoring the property.

We created a unique system that allows our clients to buy or sell property in Florida without being present in the US. Local representation in Europe and in the US ensures direct communication with the customer at any time.

We provide services of an immigration attorney, mortgage broker and tax consultant specializing in work with foreign nationals.

Florida Investment Marketing Inc. is cooperating with a reputable Orlando Property Management company: Global Resort Homes

We strive to deserve the trust of our clients and preserve it through long-term relationships.