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Loyalty, Confidentiality, and Integrity in Florida Real Estate

Recommended Projects

Introducing Florida

Type of Properties

  • Residential properties

There are many waterfront properties and luxurious properties in the Sunshine State. What is Florida all about? Enjoying the 365-day sunshine, the water, water sports, the peaceful and pleasant time of beach-lovers. There are hundreds of miles of ocean and gulf beaches and of course beachside and waterfront properties in Florida. Luxurious condos, single family homes with pool, and the shore just steps away.

In general, properties always feature a living room besides the bedrooms. Larger-size homes also have a formal dining and/or family room besides the bedrooms. The minimum 2-bedroom properties of any type have a master unit (sometimes called owner units) that includes the master bedroom, master bathroom and one or two closets - sometimes called owner units and have a half or full bathroom also. Family homes have extra room as a den or office.

Single family homes: usually 1-3 stories with 1-3 attached garage(s) with or without pool, Jacuzzi and some yard. Depending on the location, it is usually used for owner-occupancy or long-term rent. In resort-style communities in vacation destinations, it could be for short term-rent, even 4-8 bedroom houses. Single family homes could be located in a gated community, with or without amenities (e.g., pool, gym, clubhouse, sport field etc.).

Villas and Townhomes/townhouses: 1-3 stories units with screened-in- porch/balcony, with or without garage, and common amenities. In resort-style communities in vacation spots, it often comes with private pool, Jacuzzi, garage(s) and many common amenities. Condominiums: usually have a screened-in porch/balcony with amenities. There could be garages at the community. Some buildings have elevators.

Properties in Communities: on-site management office maintains the exterior of buildings and the common elements and amenities for a fee, providing a maintenance-free life-style. Some are with golf courses.

Examples of amenities: pool, swimming pool, water-park, fitness center, business center, game room, playground, tennis courts, clubhouse – most with bar and restaurant. Some have a mini movie theater or basketball court. The clubhouse can be rented for events by the residents. There are some relaxing for everyone.

Properties in resort-style communities in vacation destinations, often comes with private pool and Jacuzzi. Also, there is the variety of amenities in the residential communities.

These properties are allowed for renting/leasing, thus, provide an income for the owner.

Why people rent for short-term in Florida?

Many visitors come to Florida every year to vacation, work, attend conferences, special events, (sport competitions, Daytona 500 etc.) and enjoy the sun, the beaches, the fun, the entertainments for children and adults. The weather is excellent for water-sports, tennis, and golf and other sports all year long. The Sunshine State is the home of many sport teams’ training season, so professional sport players and fans need a place to stay.

Also, many multi-generation families and friends come together for vacations, holidays, family events, when they want to stay under the same roof in several rooms and for an affordable price in a large family home, or townhome - less expensive than a hotel room, have a fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, and washer-dryer and many wonderful amenities on site.

Purchasing properties in a resort-style community or at a golf paradise near attractions and renting them out—especially for short-term—make for excellent investments!

There are also:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Business properties

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