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Loyalty, Confidentiality, and Integrity in Florida Real Estate

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Introducing Florida

Would you like to earn great profit?


One of the best ways to invest is purchasing properties abroad, either for own occupancy and/or renting them out. A good investment property is more beneficial than stock/ bond, and there is less risk.

Finding the appropriate property is extremely important, since the profit of such house, townhome or condominium/apartment is greatly influenced by its location, condition, and the local area. Thus, before investing in properties, the buyer should know the county and local area to avoid unpleasant experiences. The issues that are administrative and maintenance-related can only be nuisance at someone’s own country, however, the consequences of the same problems abroad can be much larger.

Without foreign language skills and minimum awareness of local laws and regulations, buyers can and should be worried if the property they paid for indeed became their own and changed ownerships. In case of leasing it, - since the owner might live in another country - could be concerned about maintenance. (e.g., What if the long-term renter would leave before the rent expires, thus have to find a new renter as fast as possible not to lose income. Also, who takes care around the house, hiring and supervising reliable mechanics if it is needed).

A professional is needed who knows the area, the developments, comparable prices and properties, official matters (e.g., laws, regulations, taxes), can arrange maintenance of the home etc.

It is essential how we invest our money that we worked for years. Have to find safe investments that have a promising, satisfactory and good profit. The condominiums/apartments, townhomes, family homes located at resort-style communities for vacationers are perfect for short-term rent, and the owners can enjoy them when they wish. Properties at other locations are rather for long-term rental.

Once the buyer had chosen the optimum property, than he/she could sign the papers even at his/her home. “With us, purchasing a property in Florida is utterly official and safe, since the property will be recorded for the owner either as a private owner or as a company. Within 3-5 weeks, the new owner receives the official proof of purchase and ownership, which also can be followed on the official website. Also, in the United States, there are no continuous changes to worry about. Furthermore, it is worth to know that a buyer can obtain mortgage; the interest rates are 5-7%, (e.g., if the property the buyers fall in love with has a higher price than they have money for at that time).

There are other possibilities as well. For more information, please contact Florida Investment Marketing, INC. a email, phone, Skype, Viber etc.