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Florida real estate, MIAMI - ORLANDO – TAMPA...

Our firm, the Florida Investment Marketing, Inc. is a full service enterprise, leveraging 25 years of experience focusing on overseas customers for the past 15 years, with a full range of services as they purchase their Florida real estates, either as an investment or for personal pleasure. We are organized to prepare custom made offers to all interested clients regardless of location and price range. We are very familiar with Miami real estate and the surrounding area, the eminent market in Florida real estate. Our firm is well connected in the Orlando real estate where there is an abundance of family oriented attractions. Tampa, Naples and Fort Lauderdale with numerous waterside property is a prime market for those interested in yachting, fishing and any aquatic activity.

Bradenton is a paradise for clients excited by golfing opportunities. The Florida Keys is a heaven for diving, water skiing, and unmatched saltwater-fishing experiences for those preferring a subtropical climate. Our offerings include family vacation communities in spectacular locations like Tampa, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, where there are numerous seaside properties to choose from.

Investment opportunity with Florida Investment Marketing, Inc.

Our firm provides a unique advantage to our clients navigating the intricacies of Florida real estate investment by exploiting our experience and extensive knowledge of the Florida real estate market. We guarantee that our clients' investments in Florida are safe, lawful, secure and conceived with integrity. The pleasant climate, palm trees, year-round blooming flowers, endless white sandy beaches, reasonably priced real estate continues to attract tourists, retirees and new residents to the Sunshine State. Florida is a home to many of the world's best golf courses.

Our areas of activity in the state of Florida

We are intimately involved in the

  • selection, negotiation, technical inspection and purchase of real estate satisfying the needs of our clients
  • assisting securing loans & mortgages with advantageous terms, including low interest and no pre-payment penalty
  • opening bank accounts, incorporating new businesses, accounting, providing tax advice, assistance in legal matters and obtaining L1 (business) visa

Real estate for sale in the entire area of Florida State

Our access to an up-to-date database of real estate on the market in the entire state of Florida facilitates wide selection of offers that meets our client’s full expectations. We have excellent personal relationships with developers, constructors, sales office managers at the most desirable locations and we use our connections to the advantage of our clients.

We offer single family houses, condominiums, town houses, luxury real estate and commercial properties (restaurants, offices, warehouses, retail stores, etc) in all styles, sizes and price range throughout Florida.

Among the most well known locations where we are active are Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Sarasota, Bradenton, Clearwater, Fort Myers, Key West, Palm Beach, however, our clients can buy anywhere in the State of Florida.

Florida real estate rental opportunities

We assist our clients with short term or long term rentals of their Florida properties by partnering with the most reputable real estate rental companies and vacation rental managements, so that our clients' investments can be most profitably utilized.

Our mission is to earn and retain the confidence of our clients and build a long term mutually profitable relationship with them.

Florida Investment Marketing Inc.